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Is your pet constantly scratching, biting its paws or rubbing its face? Does it suffer from more severe skin, breathing, or digestive issues? In order to alleviate his/her discomfort, it is first necessary to understand if the symptoms are due to food or environmental intolerances. 5Strands Affordable Pet Testing provides a non-invasive HAIR analysis test on over 300 items to help you zero in on the key sensitivities. You can use our testing results as a screening tool to make the necessary dietary and environmental lifestyle changes necessary to address your pet’s issues.

5Strands Affordable Pet Testing scans your pet’s hair sample (10-15 strands) using bio resonance technology and provides an extensive, easy-to-understand report. You can expect to receive your pet’s test results within 5 – 7 days after the hair sample arrives at the processing center.

As a reminder, 5 Strands Affordable Pet Testing only tests for non-IgE mediated reactions or “intolerances.” This type of reaction may have a delayed onset with symptoms appearing several hours or days after ingestion or exposure and lasting a longer period of time.

IgE (Immunoglobulin E) allergies, which are caused by the body’s immune system, are NOT tested for by 5Strands Affordable Pet Testing. These reactions occur within minutes of ingestion or exposure and are diagnosed through a blood test or skin prick test by veterinarians.

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24 reviews for Intolerance Test For Dogs (300)

  1. Avatar for Christi Steed
    Christi Steed 2 years ago

    After spending thousands of dollars at the Vet Dermatologist last year, with blood serum test results (for environmental allergies, they said there is no reliable test for food allergies) – I thought I’d give this test a try to see if I could get food intolerance info. I also thought it would be interesting to see if there would be any matches between the Vet Derm blood test, and this fur test. (There were a few – although it’s not a ‘fair’ comparison, because I’ve been giving my dog allergy serum for a year to hopefully lessen his enviro allergy symptoms, which has not worked). So I figured there had to be more of a food component to his problems. I was surprised that so few food items were listed in his results (a good thing, I guess) – results were lobster, noodles, swede/ turnip, beeswax, thistle, & several food preservatives. I feed high quality dehydrated raw dog food & herbal supplements, so the majority of these things, he does not consume. However, ‘milk thistle’ is an issue & my herbal antihistamine blend has bee pollen in it – so things I was using to treat his allergies, are things he has an intolerance to. Can’t win! Anyhow, I could go on & on about my dog’s never ending allergy issues & bore everyone to death. What I will say, is this was worth the small price to me & I feel like any knowledge you didn’t have before – puts you in a better position ahead. This company was highly responsive to my questions when I contacted them, & they also sent me additional articles & information that was interesting & useful. Top notch customer service.

  2. Avatar for Darby Star
    Darby Star 2 years ago

    Was very hesitant to purchase at first. Especially after numerous vets had told me that the only way to test a dog for food allergies was to limit their diet every 12 weeks. I must say that I was horrified and very skeptical when the results came back saying my dog was allergic to 6 main ingredients found in almost every brand of food and treats including chicken, lamb, corn (including canola oil), an ingredient found in beef antibiotics, a chemical found in hard water, rapeseed, and more. But after 3 weeks of cutting all of these from her diet, her hives are completely gone. She is no longer on 3 types of allergy meds, and she no longer chews her paws until they are raw and can no longer walk.

    It only took 2 weeks to get the results back. The results were sent via email and not on company letterhead. And several ingredients I had to research because I had never heard of them. But if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have waited so long to ponder whether or not this test was worth it.

  3. Avatar for Ben
    Ben 11 months ago

    The customer service was amazing. They were super communicative and fast to respond. It’s only been 2 weeks since I received my pet’s results and changed her diet and I have already seen great results. Very relieved and happy with this test kit.

  4. Avatar for Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 11 months ago

    Sunflower Oil… it is impossible to avoid

  5. Avatar for Cameran Estep
    Cameran Estep 10 months ago

    My dog has been experiencing itchy, red, scanned skin recently. It wasn’t anything that was too concerning but we were monitoring it to make sure it didn’t get any worse. I figured it was some sort of allergic reaction and I was correct, after reviewing our results from this test. My dog was intolerant to the chicken in her food we were giving her. We’ve recently switched food brands, hoping that works!

  6. Avatar for Aaron Stockle
    Aaron Stockle 10 months ago

    Definitely recommend! My pup was having really bad diarrhea after we switched brands of dog food to a less expensive brand. We heard about this test from a friend and decided to try it out. The test came back that our dog was having a reaction to the fish in the food which was one of the main ingredients.

  7. Avatar for Patrick Brown
    Patrick Brown 9 months ago

    My pets test results were spot on. I have compared the level 2 and 3 for her food and environmental intolerances. I was able to eliminate the items from her cat food and with changing her food she hasn’t been happier and healthier! Thankful for this test.

  8. Avatar for Stephanie
    Stephanie 9 months ago

    Affordable Testing is a lifesaver! My dog, Rufus, has allergies ever since we moved to California five years ago. I have done everything I could to try and relieve his irritations and itching without having to use steroid shots or other medications that could harm or cause further damage to his body. I used the Affordable Testing and got his results very quickly. I immediately started by removing all food and environmental items that were in the red and in multiple levels. His skin has already improved so much!!! I can tell he is much more comfortable! I’m recommending this test to all my friends who have the same issues with their pups. Apart from the success of this test, the customer service is at top level which always make you feel good to be supporting a great team. Thank you Affordable Testing!

  9. Kato's Best Friend 9 months ago

    Great customer service from Austin. Enjoyed talking about Kato’s test results and learned some great information about adjustments I should make to his diet.

  10. Avatar for Christine Duvall
    Christine Duvall 9 months ago

    I purchased this test because my dog was constantly scratching and the vet could not figure out what was causing it. She had been on steroid medications for several months and nothing was helping. After receiving the test results, it showed that my dog has an intolerance to beef which was the main ingredient in her dog food. Within 2 weeks of changing her dog food, the itching has stopped! This test has been a life saver! I would definitely recommend this product to any pet owner.

  11. Avatar for Nicole Thompson
    Nicole Thompson 9 months ago

    We ordered the pet test because we were having trouble finding a new dog food that didn’t cause itching ( or gas). Our German Shepherd also gets very itchy in the Spring and Fall. The test was VERY easy and quick results! We discovered that we need to pay careful attention to the whole list of ingredients in a food – not just the protein. In addition, we found we have several environmental allergens in (and around) our own yard. Now we know what to watch for! Thanks so much for this test! Ps – we found a food that works!

  12. Avatar for Penny P
    Penny P 8 months ago

    My dog had been scratching for over six months so she has been getting a cytopoint shit every few months. Not anymore after following the clear instructions from this test and the easy to comprehend results. I only had a couple of questions, and upon calling Affordable Allergy Testing they hand walked me through the results. I will be sharing this with my vet. It can only help and not hurt

  13. Avatar for Penny P
    Penny P 8 months ago

    My dog had been scratching for over six months so she has been getting a Cytopoint shot every few months, but I wanted to try to figure out why it was happening and not just cover it up. The instructions were clear and taking the hair samples were very easy. I got the results back in less than a week which was a nice surprise. The list of intolerances was very clear and easy to read. It’s something I will definitely share with my vet. I think it can only help and not hurt!

  14. Avatar for Chan
    Chan 8 months ago

    I ordered this test because certain foods would cause my dog to vomit or lose hair. It’s amazing what you can find it that you don’t know is good and bad for your animals. I’ve seen a huge difference and would highly recommend this product.

  15. Avatar for Megan
    Megan 8 months ago

    Excellent product with very fast turn around.

  16. Avatar for Keegan Foreness
    Keegan Foreness 8 months ago

    Spent 1200 at my vet 2 weeks ago and was told nothing informative on how to help Bailey after running all these tests on him. The next day I bought this test because my friend told me to try it. The amount of information was incredible. The results tied into the diet I had Bailey on. I removed the level 3 intolerances like the recommended and I write this today with a happier pup because of it! (No more swollen anal glands… sorry if that is tmi)

  17. Avatar for Aurea Watson
    Aurea Watson 8 months ago

    No more bloody furniture!!! Fixed Zues’ diet and he is not stressed out anymore! 5 stat easy

  18. Avatar for Ashleigh W
    Ashleigh W 8 months ago

    I will be referring anyone and everyone I can do you!! What a great team and a great service ❤️

  19. Avatar for Taylor W.
    Taylor W. 6 months ago

    Glad I purchased this!

  20. Avatar for Heather
    Heather 5 months ago


  21. Avatar for Stella
    Stella 4 months ago

    I am so thankful for this test. My dog would always throw up after eating beef so I wasn’t shocked to see it at the top of this list. We also found out other items she had issues with that we didn’t know about. We wouldn’t of known to eliminate these from her diet otherwise. I always avoided chicken because I’ve heard it’s so common for dogs to have an intolerance to but it wasn’t on the list so I can feel confident about adding that back into her diet. I want my dog to be as healthy and happy as possible and I’m so glad I know where to start with her diet. This test was so easy and quick and I’d recommend it to everyone.

  22. Avatar for Lisa Cando
    Lisa Cando 4 months ago

    Wish I bought the food only test because it has so many additional items. This was a great starting point though!

  23. Avatar for Jennifer F.
    Jennifer F. 2 months ago

    I definitely recommend this test for all dog owners! My dog has had periods of itching and chewing on his feet. I suspected that he might have seasonal allergies. His test results showed that he has quite a few food intolerances as well as environmental intolerances that he is exposed to regularly. He hasn’t chewed on his feet since we eliminated the food intolerances from his diet! The test was really easy to do and we received results in less than a week.

  24. Avatar for Mike Caley
    Mike Caley 6 days ago

    Our GSD was constantly scratching and shedding like crazy. We found out she had intolerance to Chicken and Beef, along with Bermuda Grass, which is in our yard. After changing the protein in her food and wiping her feet down after being outside, she is completely healed. No more itching and shedding has decreased dramatically. Glad we made the choice to do the test!

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