The Allergy Testing Group provides a simple test allergy sufferers can use to identify the catalyst(s) of the allergy symptoms. Finding the source of allergy symptoms allows someone to make diet, environment and lifestyle changes to reduce symptoms. Before it is possible to alleviate the severeness of allergy symptoms, it is first necessary to understand what the catalyst(s) of the symptoms are.

The non-invasive test uses the latest allergy diagnostic technology. Testing only a single, small hair sample, Intolerance Testing Group provides results within 7 days following the sample’s arrival at the lab. Allergy Testing Group’s is the least invasive, most comprehensive test on the market today. There simply is not another test that makes it faster, easier, nor provides a more complete diagnosis.

Allergy Testing Group’s lab results are provided in an extensive, easy-to-understand report. While the report is intensive and comprehensive, it is divided into short, easily manageable sections that allow users to understand what catalysts are producing their allergy symptoms and to what degree.

Testing from a hair sample is sufficient to make positive and negative matches against over 600 items including food products and by-products including: wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose and nuts in addition to non-food items, pollen and dust mites, for example. While there is a chance the agent causing a person’s allergies are not included in the base list of 600 items, it is the most comprehensive list of any test on the U.S. market today.

Convinced a different catalyst is causing allergy symptoms?

If you are convinced a different catalyst is causing allergy symptoms —a pet or chemical product maybe — The Allergy Testing Group provides additional sample testing for only $5 per test more. If a person has an idea of what might be creating allergy symptoms, we have the means of testing the agent to determine if in fact it is the catalyst to a person’s allergy symptoms.

Proven for adults, children, babies and even household pets, We have completed over 250,000 tests worldwide. Our customers agree, the cutting edge technology used to determine what is producing allergy symptoms is amazingly accurate.



Allergy tests start from only $99which tests for 600+ potential sensitivities!



Take a hair sample and mail it back to us.


We email results in a comprehensive report, if you then want further advice, you can consult with one of our qualified nutritionists by email.
* Upon receipt of your hair sample at the US address, samples are forwarded to the UK testing facility.

Client Testimonials

My grandson has eczema and I wanted to know what triggered it, I thought my foster son was lactose intolerant, he was and I wondered if I had any intolerances. The results were very concise. As a result of your test, his eczema has really improved and the flare ups are less often and much more minor. My foster son has stopped having tummy aches so that’s great for him and it was a really easy solution.

Nicolette HughesAugusta, MEWikiTravel

I had a breakout of skin rash on my neck and face and was not getting the help from the GP that I felt was required. The test provided a good level of information and was easy to complete. My condition is improving daily.

Hannah ChanterSalt Lake City, UTMedia Wiki

I got the test because I had been feeling brushed off by my doctor. I had been diagnosed with IBS, re-flux and allergies that gave me a range of symptoms, from feeling bloated or hungry, even after a large meal that lead to weight gain to chest and head pains and at its worst, coughing up blood, bleeding out of my nose and blood in my stalls. The doctors were very good at making sure that the condition was not more serious, such as cancer etc. but after that, they were very poor in helping me to manage the symptoms. Experimenting by oneself to figure out what affects the condition is a very long-winded and error prone task. When the symptoms have flared, they took a long time to settle down again and it was never that clear what flared them – was it food, stress or the air that I had breathed recently. After the intolerance test, I got a list of exactly which pollen’s, moulds, and foods I was intolerant to. Very quickly, after cutting everything out on the list, my IBS and re-flux vanished, I have not bled since and I started to lose weight. Happy days. I am very thankful for the test as it gave me exactly the advice that I needed at the time when I needed it.

ChrisDallas, TX
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